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Need an electrician in Travis County to help with your residential or commercial needs? Let Mr. Electric of Austin help you reach your goals. Whether its installing, repairing or upgrading, Mr. Electric has a solution for your Austin area homes and businesses.

With around the clock availability, our team offers several services that could benefit not only your home or business, but also the environment. Whether it’s for safety and security or specialty lighting for the holiday season, Mr. Electric can assist you with your every need.

If you’re searching for a licensed electrician in Austin, TX, then hire a professional from Mr. Electric of Austin to get the job done right the first time. We can provide everything from electrical repairs, upgrades, and installations to custom lighting designs, energy audits, and solar solutions.

Chris Hinkle
October 30, 2020

First time customer. OK very rare for me to give 5 stars but these guys deserve it. Especially Zach who was professional, informative and an absolute pleasure to work with. I could go on and on but Zach really went above and beyond the call of duty. Wouldn't call anyone else.

Cody Miller
November 04, 2020

1.) scheduled 4 hour window. They "courtesy" called almost immediately to say they would be late because of another job. There is only 1 job I care about, mine. If you can not mange my expectations or let me know there is a job ahead of me and give an accurate estimated arrival then how can I trust you (Mr. Electric) to to good work. the answer is I can't and I won't. There is no excuse for making your (Mr. Electric) lack of preparation my problem. 2.) speaking of lack of preparation.... I told the dispatch on the phone exactly what I needed and yet the technician showed up with out the proper equipment to complete the job. Even though the dispatch indicated they would get straight to work on the job if I approved the quote... now as mentioned in a previous review, that piece of equipment was a extension ladder, which I guess they only have 1... because they are so rare and hard to obtain? 3.) the cost of using an extension ladder. in what world does an electrician not carry one with him when he is rolling to a two story house. I mean seriously, then you want to charge $500 just to get an extension ladder here, THEN charge me for the work? Isn't that why I hired you in the first place? because you have the tools to do the job? so you are putting literally 4x the cost of a 22ft 225lb rated extension ladder to get it here? ARE YOU HIGH? Charging me for the labor and plus the actual cost of the tools is insane. That cost should be built in to your billable labor and not dragged to the bottom line on small residential projects. AND I saw that the Owner responded to a comment Citing the cost of insurance and the liability. General Liability insurance is very cheap for a small business. So unless there is Bonded work being performed (which is not the case for residential work) this should be covered by basic general liability coverage as would any workman's compensation. How do I know? I own a small business. I want to conclude by saying I work in engineering and construction and I do bids all the time. This was basically one of the most insulting line items I have ever seen based on the raw cost of the item and the labor cost required of that resource. Don't do shady things and assume your customers are ignorant to the fact that you are trying to rip them off. TLDR: they are shady, do not use Mr. Electric.

David Jacobson
October 14, 2020

James repaired / replaced my old light switches with expertise. I am confident that they are installed and safer better than the originals. Great peace of mind.

Jeff Heinzelman
October 25, 2020

James Sanchez was professional, diligent and helped me understand the issue. He provided a few options and performed the work in an expert manner. Totally recommend.

Arthur Schnitzer
October 02, 2020

Donny Bolls rapidly diagnosed and repaired a loose breaker connection. He was competent and professional. In an urgent situation I would not hesitate to call on him or Mr. Electric. My only complaint is that the service call (admittedly after hours, but not wildly so) cost me over $400 for a few minutes' work. But Donny was a lifesaver, so....

Mr. Electric

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